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Grid Integration & Compliance,Engineering Design (BoP),Construction Management
Electrical, Civil, Communication & SCADA
70 MW
Mar17 - Oct18

Customer & Stakeholders


Vivenergia – is a developer established in 2012 focused on development, financing and construction of renewables based in Mexico.

Envision – the Envision Group is a world leading provider of wind power technology and energy storage solutions


As a part of the strategic execution, Envision acquired a majority stake in the project pipeline of Vivenergia, including the project Dizlam in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

The project had several first ones: first project in Yucatan, first project from the developer transitioning into construction, first project connecting with the new grid code, first Envision full BoP project overseas as an owner, first project under coordination of the new Hamburg Centre of Excellence (COE) office.

The scope included a complete update of an existing TSO substation, the construction however needed to happen maintaining service to existing load centres and arriving overhead lines.  Integration of the project into CENACE (Dispatching and regulator) would also need to be well managed as it was the first wind power plant in Yucatan Peninsula.

Additionally, project financing and due diligence was performed in parallel with the initial stages of construction, adding up the challenges.

consequências 1) a contaminação so sub-solo ou 2) a paragem da operação de transporte de carvão para a central.

The Plan

The plan consisted in building up a local project team, setting up the processes, the roles and responsibilities, the supply chain, reporting and project steering.

Permitting engineering needed to be urgently addressed as the TSO 115kV substation had long revision times. Additionally, there were 70 km of overhead line up to the PCC which also would need complex permitting. Finally

Grid code change would require also fast solutions and modification of existing engineering drawings, integration of a Statcom and the development of special SCADA control functionalities.

Integration of the power plant into CENACE needed to be subcontracted to the wind farm substation control and protection supplier, enabling the the turbine`s SCADA to act as data supplier.


Analysis of existing engineering / permitting enabled fast decisions to hire a separate engineering team within the TSO and accelerate works execution on the grid substation. Delays in this substation directly and strongly impacted the project.

Another crucial decision was subcontracting the integration of the power plant into CENACE`s dispatch centre, that enabled the team to focus completely on developing the new required functionalities for the grid code compliance.

Very fast electrical substation modifications enabled Statcom integration and enhance of overall performance. Failing to be compliant meant a huge risk for the asset and a potential tremendous financial impact. A strong push from all sides contributed decisively to accelerate and recover delays of inexperience from all parties.

Finally, and mostly important the final customer could successfully celebrate bringing such an important milestone projects online and transition it into operation.