Garcia del Rio

Argentina view map

Engineering Design (BoP),Grid Integration & Compliance,Construction Management
Electrical, Civil, Project Management
10 MW
Oct17 - Nov19

Customer & Stakeholders


Envision – the Envision Group is a world leading provider of wind power technology and energy storage solutions


As a part of its strategic development, Envision acquired the development rights of the project Garcia del Rio in the province of Bahia Blanca in Argentina.

The project was the company`s first wind farm in south America, consisting in 50 MW with full BoP works and a shared switching station with local utility EDES.

The tight overall deadline imposed by the regulator CAMMESA public auction, meant the overall project development and construction process needed to be slim and agile, creating a real challenge for permitting and pre-studies specially since the project was being developed together with a pipeline of other projects. To increase the challenge, the project was EDE`S first of its kind connected to their grid, so processes, engineering needed to be coordinated. The final challenge was setting up the asset management services team necessary to operate the wind farm.

The Plan

The plan consisted in obtaining the necessary permits with the local project team, setup the engineering and sourcing requirements with the central Hamburg team, establish the supply chain including local construction and supervision services. Establish project level reporting and steering.

Perform pre-studies necessary for engineering as well as high level coordination with utility driven by internal local team.

Setup the Operation and Maintenance services, tasks were specified and sourced locally to enable fast response and correction in case of issues.


In order to serve the project`s tight schedule some parts of the supply chain were included in the main contractor`s scope.

Local team was reinforced with engineers and permitting executives, including 3rd party recognized experts and consultants enabling unblocking of administrative barriers. Site Managers assured subcontractor`s work quality.

Remote operation and local maintenance service contracts were created to enable efficient operation and triggering planned / unplanned maintenance of the asset.

Strong push and motivation from the team contributed decisively to accelerate and reduce accumulated delays in construction and supplies.

Finally, and mostly important the customer could successfully celebrate bringing this important first project online and keep the team momentum for the upcoming project Vientos del Secano.