Vientos del Secano

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Grid Integration & Compliance,Engineering Design (BoP),Construction Management
Electrical, Civil, Communication & SCADA, Project Management, Works Supervision
50 MW
Oct18 - Nov20

Customer & Stakeholders


Envision – the Envision Group is a world leading provider of wind power technology and energy storage solutions

Envision Argentina – Local subsidiary of the Envision Group


As a part of its strategic development, Envision acquired the development rights of the project Vientos del Secano in the province of Bahia Blanca in Argentina.

The project was the company`s biggest wind farm in south America, consisting in 50 MW. The scope included the full BoP works and a transmission substation for the utility TRANSBA.

The tight overall deadline from the regulator CAMMESA set the frame or the entire development and construction process, making extremely challenging. Additionally the project was being developed at the same time as other local projects, increasing the overall resource bottleneck on all parties. To add up to the total challenge the main contractor was having a series of difficulties in the country and finally gave up the site and the works, leaving it all up to owner to reach the final objective.

The project would also be hit by the world pandemic affecting all works.

The Plan

The plan consisted in building up a local project team, setting up the processes, the roles and responsibilities, the supply chain, reporting and project steering.

Permitting and grid interfacing engineering needed to be urgently addressed as the TSO for the 123 kV substation demanded a complex decision process and management.

Following the works abandonment of the main contractor, a sudden built up of own resources would be necessary in order to pick up and own the works, supplies and materials as they were left.

Commissioning procedures needed to be adapted and ad-hoc creative solutions put in place to deal with limitations of the COVID crisis and the travel restriction to and from Bahia Blanca area.


In order to serve project timeline and after long and challenging interface discussions with the TSO, fast decisions were taken, leading to increased project scope (extra switching station).

Additional Engineers and Site Managers were hired to manage all subcontractor`s works, left adrift by the leaving contractor.

Specially rented Motorhomes helped minimizing COVID impact, and housed technicians arriving for construction and commissioning. Local travel restrictions would otherwise require long quarantines before entering the region / site.

Remote commissioning procedures needed to be developed and implemented to allow an international team to support the activities on site.

Strong push from all sides contributed decisively to accelerate and reduce the delay expected due to all accumulating challenges.

Finally, and mostly important the customer could successfully celebrate bringing this important milestone projects online and enjoy the returns the asset operation.