Our experienced managers and specialists support you all the way through engineering specification, contract negotiation, construction management and project taking over. We are also able to assist you in setting up a local delivery supervision team.

Our specialized services

In addition to our inhourse electric & civil engineering lead services, we have worked with top especialists in different areas like resource analysis, grid code especialists, procurement executives, legal advisors, construction supervisors. Ultimately the people will guarantee you the best practises and solutions that create value for your project.

Feasibility studies are part of green field project development, they allow early stage identification and quantification of the business case, as well as the main opportunities and challenges facing the development. Land availability, environmental constrains, grid accessibility, construction challenges, all play a decisive role when permitting a project, experience saves crutial time.

This service includes:

  • Site Visit
  • Assessment of Grid Connection possibilities, known environmental constrains, land ownership, existing infrastructure
  • Proposal of up to 3 different connection layout possibilities
  • Economical evaluation of the proposed solutions
  • General overview on applicable Grid Code, Compliance and Certification
  • Feasibility study report

Required input is  site location information, available land, aproximate connection power and possible connection point. Feasibility studies provide crucial technical evaluation that map the development possibilities and prevent the developer from entering too risky

The project planning includes all main activities that need to be prepared and agreed by owner`s management that enable project execution. It includes:

  • Accessibility adequacy
  • Permitting Assessment
  • Interface responsability definition sub-contract strategy
  • contracting strategy (local / remote),
  • Local Content and availability of equipment and services
  • Transport & Logistic requirements
  • Construction and Operation requirements
  • Consideration of local constrains and construction strategy
  • Consideration of work preparation, execution and lead time for main equipment
  • Planning project main tenders and contracting (legal, scheduling, engineering packages)
  • Preparatio of Program Schedule (Engineering, Procurement, Execution , Operation)
  • Construction Management resourcing / Project Team build-up

Design and planning in detail are according to project development stage. Before starting a tender or the execution an adequate planning enables identification dependencies, interfaces and work break down requirements.

Electric studies are normally the basic first step in applying for a grid connection, ensure a product and infrastructure fit to grid code rules and evaluation of connection possibilities.

The studies extend strongly depend on the particularities of the given Point of Common Coupling and the desired application. From steady state to transitory regimes it is important to make use of right tools and correct models. Often conducted by very specialized engineers with strong software skills but less overall understanding and less construction experience, given such wide range of possibilities it is not unlikely to loose focus of the main objective.

We offer the needed support, interpretation and decision for all electrical studies. Together with our partners we are able to provide the following studies:

  • Power Flow
  • Short Circuit
  • Insulation Verification Study
  • Selectivity Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Potential and Earthing system calculation
  • EMTP studies

The engineering and design package includes the management of technical documents needed by a competent contractor to perform the Detail Engineering and Execution of the Works, it includes:

  • Layout
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Civil Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Technical Drawings
  • Equipment specification
  • Execution instructions (Descriptive Memory)
  • Quality and documentation requirements

The required input for the basic Engineering is a Feasibility Study or Conceptual Design.

Our project management service offers you full project management package from one hand. We will manage for you the scope, execution time, cost, quality, the procurement, communication, risk, resources, integration and of course communication with the stakeholders. Unanticipated events and situations will inevitably rely on the experience and expertise of the Manager (and / or Project Team) to efficiently be solved and deliver a successful execution.

Technical talent and good people alone are not sufficient. We make sure the project team is focused and motivated on delivering on schedule. We achieve it through communication, teamwork and consistent control of the activities.

A crucial step on the final stages of construction is the Acceptance Testing and Taking Over, the owner must make sure that the design, function and documentation requirements are met. Whether grid testing with the utility or 3rd party certification, whether documentation or snag item list verification,  it becomes offen a lengthy and complex process as it envolves many 3rd parties. Experience and knowledge managing this step clears the assures a clear path for official asset production.

The services include:

  • Arrangement and coordination with 3rd parties (utility / certification body)
  • Preparation and Agreement on testing procedure
  • Management and coordination of all involved parties
  • Witness final test and verification of results
  • Evaluation,  Trial operation / Testing approval
  • Final test Report
We offer our operation monitoring services to make sure you keep an optimised operational return and a value of your asset.

Included in the Operation Monitoring is:

  • Assessment of operation data and logs form equipment
  • Consistency with maintenance, insurance, mains connection and operational management contracts and/or approvals
  • Finding analysis and remedy measures report

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