Who we are

Who we are

We build sustainability and value by delivering expertise and advice, responsible action, cross-cultural openness and kind communication.

We facilitate Engineering and Project Management, relationships and experience in the design, construction and operation of renewables projects (wind & solar).


Expertise – Continuously gain knowledge in matters we are passionate about, building renewables infrastructures. Improved design methods, using technology breakthroughs and business needs

Reliability – Being solid, consistent, dependent, resourceful, focused in assuring the best possible outcome for our customer

Relationships – We believe in trusting and enduring relationships that seek mutual progress and value creation, that serve as foundations for joined human progress We see our relationships as lifelong possibilities for collaboration and learning

Responsibility – We own the commitments and the outcomes we engage

Kindness – We value kindness as an expression of a more humanized, ethically sound, differentiating business attitude

Enthusiasm – We welcome enthusiasm in what we do, it creates authentic enjoyment, forward flow momentum and contagious excitement


We believe in community and value creation of serving our customers, by serving them we serve ourselves. We believe in the long-term creation of value, value for our collaborators, value for our customers, partners and respective families. We favor systems over single acts.

We believe in culture, in contribution, in openness, in difference of perspective, in refinement of thought and action. We defend integrity, transparency and equal opportunity. We acknowledge that trust must be earned. We believe learning is a lifetime attitude.

We nourish warmth in our human relationships and heartful decisions, we believe technology can serve us in that purpose.  We believe great work is achieved by teams of exceptional individuals in a combination of mindset and beautiful work environment. We appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of our species and the fragile relationship with the planet. We rigorously evaluate our economical choices under social responsibility and sustainability.

We focus our work and contribuition to renewable energies, specifically in the design and construction of large scale green energy solutions.

The Value Team

Luís Leal

Managing Director - Head Consultant
Lead manager in engineering design and project management. I help owners and lenders design & deliver wind and solar.

Dr. Ana Leal

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) with extensive experience in finantial management, human resources and culture management.

Guillaume Fauthoux

Senior Management Advice
Project Management and Project Director. I help Owners and Lenders overcome challenges in planning and execution.

Jonas Dunst

Grid Compliance Expert
Grid Code Compliance Expert with extensive experience in testing, compliance management, on and off-site, expertise for eletrical design for power plants. I help power plants reaching grid compliance with Regulators, TSOs and DSOs.

Dr. Paolo Biagini

Civil Expert
Civil Structural Engineer (PhD) with extensive experience in design and works management, expertise for foundations and towers (hybrid and full-concrete) for wind turbines. I help designing and building economically optimum structures.

Yasser Chehade

Senior Contract Manager
Senior Contract & Claims Manager
Contract administration, settlements, variations, risk analysis. I help procuring and managing multi-million supply contracts.


I highly recommend Leal Engineering for their exceptional engineering services in the renewable energy sector. We collaborated on a 350 MW offshore project in the Baltic Sea. Their reliable electrical design expertise, strong communication skills, and support in substation design, TSO interface, and grid compliance were invaluable. Their professionalism and technical expertise significantly contributed to the success of our project.
Peter Arp, Senior Project Manager at RWE
A detailed oriented electrical manager with solid background and strong communication skills that never lose sight of the strategic objective.
Leonid Genin, Project Developer at Vattenfall
I`ve worked with Leal Engineering at Vliessingen Project, he is an electrical Wind Farm designer capable of delivering great value in due time, a great combination of commitment and knowledge. In my opinion a reliable partner definitely recommendable for supporting my projects.
Chris Geysels, Project Manager at EPZ
I hired Leal-Engineering through a highly challenging context of 3 full EPC projects overseas, Luis took an electrical lead role managing the local team, bringing together electrical design solutions, project management, remarkable expertise and skill. The project team did a fantastic job within the available context and they definitely had a great contribution for those successes. Luis has a kind, pro-active personality which made our relationship smooth and released me to concentrate on other company tasks. His great experience, professional approach on technical as well as commercial topics and focus on solutions was well appreciated by internal and external stakeholders. I would gladly work with him again in the future
Robert Fisher, Head of Engineering at Envision Energy
I have worked personally in many different projects and arrangements with Leal Engineering. His applied knowledge in turbine electrical engineering of wind turbines, electrical balance of plant and the combination of experience and expertise as all-rounder are of great value for each project he is involved with. We as RECASE fully rely on his solid expertise and goal orientation and regard him as essencial for successful and smooth project work.
Marten Seifert, Managing Director at RECASE
Luis was an excellent colleague, technically skilled with impressing personality and intercultural skills. I would like to work with him again any time.
Eckard Quitmann, Head of Technical Sales at Enercon
I worked with Leal Engineering in a complex research project, and they were always solution-oriented and supported us greatly in providing the market overview we needed. It was a kind, pro-active and easy to deal with relationship which made released me to manage other issues.
Juan Ruiz-Jarabo, Investment Director at Capcora GmbH
I`ve worked with Luis not only in engineering tasks but also organizational ones. Luis is able to keep things tight even in stress situations. A reliable partner for you to count on.
Lorenz Carstensen, Head of Offshore Engineering at Senvion

Membership & Partnerships

We are active in the renewables community scene.


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